Signs of Love

// Independent RP Account of Persona 4 Protagonist. (Souji Seta / Yu Narukami ) M!A Status: None! (In a relationship with: lovelyrisette ~)



“I really dislike the fact my link is so low with Yu-Senpai.. However I am not even sure if there is any way to fix it.” Naoto looked around, sighing softly as she held her cell phone in her hand and gazed at her contacts when ‘Yu’ came up. She began debating either to call or not, since of what happened in the past. Maybe she should give him a chance.

Swallowing a knot in her throat, she quickly called him and held the phone to her ear, waiting for the male to answer. Or at least, hoped that he would answer.

Staring out the window of his room, Yu sighed and sat at his desk. Studying for a little extra Knowledge in his part, he tapped his pen against his lips and then heard his phone buzzing from a call. Furrowing his brows, he looked at the caller ID. Naoto? Wow. That was random. 

Flipping open the cell and answering, he spoke up: “Narukami Yu here. Hello?”